Help us Celebrate Our 75th Anniversary and Dr. Cuthbertson's Retirement!

How you can help:
1.  Donate and help us to refurbish the play room at Children's Hospital.  This room is in dire need of repair and is the only safe place that many of the sickest kids can go to play and enjoy themselves and forget about the difficulties of their illness. A donation of $50 or more comes with a free Berkeley Pediatrics Commemorative shirt or onesie! (Just let us know about your donation next time you are in!)  Please give what you can to this wonderful cause. Donate online here:
2.  Take a picture of your family with a special message to Berkeley Pediatrics or Dr Cuthbertson in our waiting room (chalk and chalkboards available) or at home and email it to for inclusion in our memory books!  Be sure to put your names on the message too!
3.  Know that you are a part of wonderful team here at Berkeley Pediatrics!  Here's hoping for 75 more years together!